Alessandro Keegan


Alessandro Keegan (b.1980) is a visual artist, writer and adjunct professor with an MFA in painting and drawing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a MA in art history from Brooklyn College. His paintings and drawings, which depict forms that straddle the lines between science, nature and mysticism, have been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and The Hague. Writings about his work have appeared in journals such as Helvete (Punctum Books, Brooklyn), J’ai Froid (Castillo/ Corrales, Paris) and online at Ephemera NYC ( He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


2018  MA, Brooklyn College, Art History

2006 MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Painting and Drawing 

2004 BFA, State University of New York at Purchase, Painting



2013 God's Garden, Magic Pictures, Philadelphia PA



2018 In Form, Shirley Fiterman Art Center, New York, NY

Gungywamp, 42 Social Club, Lyme, CT

Mist Wreathed, Spring/ Break Art Show 2018, New York, NY

In The Studio, Shirley Fiterman Art Center, New York NY

2017 Et Tu Art Brute?, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY

Bleeding Black Noise (Part 2), Locatie Z, The Hague, Netherlands

The Coven of the Sibylline, The Living Gallery Outpost, New York, NY

The Devil’s House, The Living Gallery Outpost, New York, NY

Re:Search, Shirley Fiterman Art Center, New York NY

2016  Dead Marshes, Magic Pictures, Philadelphia

Geo Necro, ADA Gallery, Richmond VA

Bleeding Black Noise (Part 1), Sector 2337, Chicago, IL

2015 On the Inner and Outer Self, Church of St.Paul the Apostle, New York NY

Lesser Deities of Summer, Underdonk, Brooklyn NY

Ray-Jewel, Pioneers of Inspiration, Brooklyn NY

The Palace, Magic Pictures, Philadelphia PA

2014 Underdonk Selects, Underdonk, Brooklyn NY

2013 Citywide, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA

Flatland, Magic Pictures, Philadelphia PA

2008 Daily Schemes, A.M. Richard Fine Art, Brooklyn NY

2007 The Landscape Within, A.M. Richard Fine Art, Brooklyn NY 

2006 The Contemporary Baroque, Gallery X, Chicago IL 



2014 Poems in a Room, Magic Pictures, Philadelphia PA



2017 Lange, Ugo. “Alessandro Keegan: Peinture, Magie et Potential,” Master’s Thesis/ Monograph, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Bourges, France, January 2017.

2016 Ishmael, Amelia. "Bleeding Black Noise" Helvete: Issue 3 (Punctum Books, Brooklyn)

2015 Chidester, Brian. "Alessandro Keegan" (blog post). Ephemera NYC, October 2015. http://

2014 Boije af Gennas, Staffan and Amelia Ishmael "Mediating Darkness" J'ai Froid May/August, no.4: 16-17. (Castillo/ Corrales, Paris)

2013 Ishmael, Amelia "The night is no longer dead; it has a life of its own" Helvete: Issue 1 (Punctum Books, Brooklyn)

2005 Faumberg, Jason The Contemporary Baroque, Exhibition Catalog, Gallery X, Chicago IL



Spring 2015-Present: Professor of Art History, Borough of Manhattan Community College

2016-Present: Art Writer and Editor for Ephemera NYC (

Spring 2014-Fall 2015: Teaching Assistant at Brooklyn College, Art History